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There is power in your words. The power to improve your outlook. Change your thoughts. Clear your mind of the dozens of to-dos, what-ifs, and should-haves that can sneak in and spin around in your mind all day.  It’s a quiet kind of power but strong nonetheless. 


Whether you’re jotting down plans or reflecting on the events of your day, writing effects positive change. Journaling has been shown to boost mood, enhance sense of well-being, and improve your working memory.1 While planning helps us manage our time and focus on moving forward with purpose.


Digital journaling combines the benefits of writing by hand with the convenience of an app. It is sustainable – in that the habit is easier to maintain long-term and it’s more eco-friendly. By using the technology you already own and use every day, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by dozens, if not hundreds, of notebooks, planners, pens, and accessories over time. 

Digital Journaling Quote_A journal is your completely unaltered voice

At, we support you in creating sustainable habits that are good for your heart and better for the Earth.🌱💕

Hey, I’m Ashley. I’m so glad you’re here.

Journaling and creative planning has been a huge part of my life – since way back in the 80s when I had my first Lisa Frank binder! It’s a safe, non-judgemental place to let it all out, then turn your focus forward and cultivate hope.

But after years of hobby planning, I found myself overwhelmed with piles of dried stamp pads, barely-used notebooks, and washi that had lost all its stick. In 2020, with no where to go and nothing to do, it all seemed so wasteful. I needed a sustainable solution. That’s when I discovered digital journaling.

This paperless form of writing removes the barrier of stuff between you and the act of journaling. No more collecting, organizing, and consuming stacks of supplies. Just you and your journal – with everything you need to be creative at your fingertips. 

I’m so excited to share my love of digital journaling with you. Whether you’re getting into journaling for the first time or moving to digital, I think you’ll to love it, too!

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