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If you love your digital bullet journal, fonts are a great way to spice up your designs and give you pages some extra flair. In this post, I’ll share my favorite free bujo fonts from four reputable online font shops, then later show you how to install the font on your iPad for free.

Designing your own layouts in a digital bullet journal is so satisfying. However, keeping your pencil from slipping around on the glass can get pretty frustrating. There are some solutions, in particular picking up a screen protector with a paper feel or practicing lettering directly on your iPad. But sometimes you just want a cool font for your headers, dates, or anything else you may be writing.

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a bullet journal fonts addict. Even though I’ve practiced my lettering for years, I still don’t love it. Besides, I usually find myself planning while laying in bed, sitting in the car, and just about any other weird place that I can carry my iPad. It’s very, very rare that I’m sitting up with an appropriate writing posture and at an actual table.

Because I spend most of my time lap-planning, my handwriting suffers. So I use handwriting based bujo fonts to cute-up my layouts, typing dates, headers, and days of the week.

Free Bullet Journal Fonts

20 fun & FREE digital bullet journal fonts plus simple instructions on how to install them onto your iPad.

Before you get started downloading every bujo font under the sun, I have two tips about downloading fonts.

Download from a reputable site

Firstly, it’s important to know that your fonts are safe. Downloading and installing fonts from random sites is never a good idea. These files can carry malicious software like malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware which can cause all kinds of problems. When searching for fonts, use reputable, well traveled, and well reviewed sites. If you land on a site that is giving away fonts for free and you wonder, “Is this one safe?” there are a few ways to find out.

  1. Before you even start browsing a site, if you get a warning from Chrome that the website is suspicious, stay away. Google is usually on top of safe browsing.
  2. Next up, check the URL. It should have https at the front. If anything else looks hinky, the website might be too. For example if you were trying to get to DaFont, clicked a link, and landed on a site called DaDaFont (this is not a real website, I made it up) which looked exactly like DaFont, but isn’t… well… that’s a red flag.
  3. If you notice that the website is just bizarre, don’t download from it. The wording is off, it reads like a robot wrote it, the ads are weird, it just seems strange. Furthermore, no matter how cute those bullet journal fonts are, be aware that it might not be safe.
  4. Last, if the website has zero or really bad reviews it’s best to let other people being the guinea pigs.

Some sites that I’ve used for years and never had any issue with are FontSpace, DaFont, FontSquirrel, Font Bundles, and Google Fonts, and there are certainly many more safe sites out there. But you don’t have to take my word for it.; you can certainly check the ones I recommend against the 4 conditions above.

Read the Terms of Use

Secondly, there are tons of amazing bullet journal fonts out there free for personal use. You can even find a lot of commercial use fonts for free – with and without credit required. I’d encourage anyone downloading free (or paid) fonts to read over the Terms of Use before downloading. Especially if you are planning on selling or giving away your templates.

Giving away printable or digital items you created is considered commercial use – even though you aren’t charging for it. So, please make sure you’re following the site or designer’s TOU. There are actual people working behind the scenes, creating these digital fonts, please respect their work.

20 Fun Fonts for Your Bullet Journal!

Finally, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Below you’ll find twenty amazing, free bullet journal fonts. Each image includes a sample of the font with mixed letters, uppercase, then lowercase, plus name and description below the image. If you like the font, there is credit with a link from a reputable site under the graphic, so go ahead and grab it for your own digital bullet journal (just follow the download instructions on the site).

Disclaimer: At the time of this post, all of these fonts are available for free. However, from time to time publishers decide to change or remove their fonts. If the font you like is no longer available or no longer free, I’d encourage you to take a look at similar fonts from the same site, artist, or design company. Frequently, you’ll be able to find similar bullet journal fonts available.

5 Bold Bujo Fonts

Mama Papa Bullet Journal Fonts (2)

Mama Papa is a fun, bold font by NJ Studio available for download from Font Bundles. This is one of my personal favorite bujo fonts. I’ve been using it for about a year and LOVE it!

Motion Therapy Bullet Journal Font

Motion Therapy is a cool, bold brush font by Vunira available for download from Font Bundles.

Winkle Bujo Font

Winkle is a bold, quirky handwriting font by Salsabila Shabriyyah and available to download on DaFont.

Super Simple Brush Script

Super Simple Brush Script is just that. This is an all-lowercase font (you’ll notice the difference between lower and uppercase above) available for download on Font Space.

Pusab Bujo Font

Pusab is a playful, bold font from Flat-it and available for download on Font Squirrel.

5 Playful Fonts for your Bullet Journal

Joyfully Bullet Journal Font

Joyfully is a cute, playful font by Vunira available for download from Font Bundles. You’ll notice in the sample, above that uppercase and lowercase are the same shape, though when using mixed letters the lowercase is slightly shorter.

Amatic Bujo Font

Amatic is a unique tall, slim handwritten font by Mista Wonky and available for download on DaFont.

Alloy Ink Sample

Alloy Ink is a bubbly font by Wepfont and available to download on Font Space.

Zuka Doodle Bullet Journal Font

Zuka Doodle is one of my favorite block letter fonts designed by Cove 703, available to download on Font Space.

Happy Popcorn Fun Font

Happy Popcorn is a fun handwritten font from DM Studio and available to download on Font Bundles. This font is fun to use with a little highlighter streak right over the line through the capitals for a splash of color.

5 Bujo Fonts that Look like you Wrote it in Marker (but no bleed because digital)

Hetilica Bold Marker

Hetilica Bold is a cool uppercase marker font from Diego Quintana and available for download from Font Squirrel.

Bryana bujo font

Bryana is an upbeat, bubbly font by Mevricks Studio available for download on Font Bundles. I feel like you don’t get the full impact of this font in just black. It is really pretty in color, and the letters look a bit like shiny, squared balloons.

Subscriber Bullet Journal Font

Subscriber is a cool caps & small caps handwritten marker type font by Alit Design and available to download on DaFont. I love this one for headers.

Marker 2

Marker 2 reminds me of making posters for a project in middle school, and that’s why I love it. It’s by Goma Shin and available on DaFont.

Enbick Bullet Journal Font

Enbick is a fun twist on modern calligraphy by Vunira and available to download on Font Bundles.

5 Handwritten Script Fonts for Your Bullet Journal

Richie Brusher Bujo Font

Richie Brusher is a cool dry looking brush font from Cove 703 and available for download on Font Space.

Amazing Mother Bullet Journal Font

Amazing Mother is a pretty and cute, slightly bouncy script font by Wepfont and available for download from Font Space.

Say it Softly Bullet Journal Font

Say it Softly is a perfectly imperfect script from Savanas Design that’s great for replacing your own cursive writing, available to download on Font Bundles.

Sellena Bullet Journal Script Font

Sellena is a pretty modern calligraphy font by Muksal Creative and available for download at Font Bundles.

Fair Prosper Bullet Journal Font

Fair Prosper is a script font with interesting connections between letters by Khurasan and available for download on DaFont.

Installing Your Bujo Font on iPad

For this tutorial, I am using iFont. This is a great app if you want to install a few bullet journaling fonts now and then for free. This is a demo of the free version, which shows a few inobtrusive ads and requires you to install 1 font at a time (so, if you are downloading multiple fonts, you’ll be repeating these steps multiple times).

If you’d like to install many new fonts – or if you’re upgrading your iPad and have to reinstall many fonts, I would recommend the $1.99 upgrade. I’ve been using iFont for about a year to install one or two at a time, but when my iPad kicked and had to be replaced, uploading fonts in bulk was key so I didn’t lose my mind repeating this 837 times!

*Note: During this process you will see multiple warnings about installing your new bullet journaling fonts. Font files can carry viruses, adware, and malware. See the above section about verifying reputable sites for more info.

Installing Bullet Journaling Fonts – 8 Steps in Roughly 10 Seconds

(1) Open iFont.

Journaling Fonts (1)

(2) Inside the app, choose the bujo font you’d like to install and tap INSTALL.

Journaling Fonts (2)

(3) Tap Allow to allow the iFont to allow installation.

Journaling Fonts (3)

(4) Next, you’ll receive a notification that the profile has been downloaded, tap Close.

Journaling Fonts (4)

(5) Close the iFont app and navigate to your Settings. Here, you’ll see a notification in the left pane labeled Profile Downloaded, tap to open.

Journaling Fonts (5)

(6) Following that, you will get a popup to install the profile, tap Install.

Bullet Journal Fonts

(7) Enter your passcode when prompted.

Bullet Journal Fonts

(8) You may receive 2 warnings at this point, tap Install twice.

Go ahead and open up your app and play around with your new bullet journaling font!

Bullet Journal Fonts

I hope that this tutorial was helpful and that you love your newest bullet journaling fonts! One last thing to remember: to install multiple fonts with iFont for free, you’ll have to go through this process one bujo font at a time.

For more fonts, see our post: 20 Beautiful Journaling Fonts.

Finally, please check out the selection of digital bullet journals in our shop. Have fun creating your new layouts with your new fonts!

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