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This post includes: (1) Description on the types of digital stickers you’ll be using in your digital planners and journals. (2) Step-by-step directions to downloading and importing your free digital sticker pack. (3) Link to a download that includes a guide to using stickers in your app. PLUS a pack of 50 free digital stickers to get you started!

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I hope that this post helps you start using your stickers! If you are already familiar with using stickers in your digital journal or planner, feel free to skip right to the free digital stickers available for download in our shop. Additionally, your first paid purchase from our shop comes with a separate email that includes 100 free bullet journal style stickers as a little gift with purchase.

Types of Digital Sticker Files

Whether you’re downloading our free digital stickers or purchasing a pack that you love, there are three general types that you will find. (1) individual, transparent PNG files, and (2) uncropped PNG files.

*Note for GoodNotes Users: Some listings for digital stickers may include (3) a file made specifically for GoodNotes. These will save you some time loading a sticker bundle into your files. However, you may want to keep your stickers separate from your main digital journal and import the images as needed. More on that below.

(1) Individual, Transparent PNG files

Frequently, digital stickers come as individual, transparent PNG files and can be used with any app. These files will be held in a downloadable ZIP file or stored on a file hosting service like Dropbox. (The free digital stickers in this post are zipped.)

Initially, download your sticker file, save to your device, and unzip to access the individual sticker files inside. Since each contains a single sticker, inserting these stickers as images is very simple: drag them in to your page or insert as an image using your photo insertion tool. You won’t need to crop, although you may need to resize each stickers to fit your layouts.

Free Digital Stickers: Individual, transparent PNGs

(2) Uncropped PNG Files

The second type of digital sticker files you’ll come across are uncropped PNGs. These are frequently designed as sticker kits and may contain a large amount of similar stickers in the pack and delivered as a ZIP file or PNG.

The benefit to purchasing uncropped stickers is that there are far less files to scroll through when you want to locate a specific sticker. On the other hand, you’ll have to crop the PNG to size every time. This may or may not deter you from buying stickers that you love. It is a bit more work you to crop a sticker page each time. For that reason, most digital stickers (free or purchased) come individually.

(3) GoodNotes File with Precropped Stickers

Finally, some sticker purchases come with an additional file for GoodNotes users. These are usually a bonus or extra file included in your order. Specifically, these include all of the stickers in the kit pre-loaded into a page that you can insert between the pages of your GoodNotes planner or journal. The stickers included in this file type are precropped, presized and ready to use. If you are a GoodNotes user and like accessing your stickers from inside the app (using copy/paste) this type of file could save you a lot of time.

Downloading your Free Digital Stickers

In order to access your free guide and digital stickers from our shop, you’ll need to check out through our Shopify store. After checkout, you will be directed to a link to download and also be sent a confirmation email with your download link – in case you need to switch devices or download at a later time.

Downloading & Accessing a ZIP File

The guide included in the listing, below, and free PNG stickers come in a ZIP file. This is the most frequent type of file transfer for digital stickers. Occasionally, you will receive a link to a Dropbox folder (or other file sharing service). The steps are similar, with the additional step of first navigating to the specified file sharing folder.

To begin, download the file to your device. iOS users: it may be easiest to use Safari for downloads.

Following download, access the contents of the ZIP file by unzipping or extracting the file. Navigate to where you saved the ZIP in your files or downloads section. Depending on your device, you may simply need to tap the ZIP to extract the files, or you may need to open it and drag the files inside into a new, unzipped file.

Once you’ve extracted the folder, you can now access your PDF guide and free digital stickers. This may be a good time to designate a folder specifically to your sticker collection. Title the folder by style, date, or however you like to best remember what is inside.

Free Digital Stickers: Importing Stickers Graphic

Importing your Free Guide to using Digital Stickers

Finally, to access your guide, import the PDF file into your app. This guide includes instructions on importing, resizing, and cropping your digital stickers. If you’re not familiar with importing a PDF into your app, use the following steps:

  1. Open your PDF annotation app
  2. Tap the + or down arrow button and select “import”
  3. Locate the file titled “Guide to Using Digital Stickers” in the file you just extracted
  4. Tap “open” or “import” to add the file to your app

Note for Xodo users: Xodo allows you to access and save PDFs directly from the files on your device. For Xodo, simply open the app, locate the file, and tap to open.

Inside the guide, you will find instructions for using your free digital stickers that will also apply to other sticker packs purchased from our shop or others. You will learn to import, resize, and crop stickers to fit your needs. Additionally, you will find a sticker sheet template where you can store your stickers in the app if you so desire.

Getting Started Guide

Download Your Free Digital Stickers + Guide

Last but not least, use the button below to visit our shop where you can grab the guide plus 50 free digital stickers. This guide works with all of the popular PDF annotation apps, such as GoodNotes, Notability, and Xodo. In the guide you will find:

  • Instructions on downloading and importing digital stickers
  • Recommendations for sticker organization on your device
  • Using sticker pages in your documents
  • Adding transparent PNG stickers
  • Cropping and resizing

Finally, you will receive a zip file that includes 50 free digital stickers saved as transparent PNGs for you to start playing with!

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